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Founded in 1998 and headquartered in USA, ALANTEK COMMUNICATIONS strives to become a leading manufacturer of Fiber Optic products and LAN wiring systems. Our Key corporate values rests on positive and honest long-term relationship with value stakeholders - Customers, Suppliers and Employees. Through excellent management & organization, we seek to continuously improve all aspect of our Products & Services be it in Product R&D resulting in lower costs & higher quality or Customer Satisfaction and Quick Response Time. Our greatest reward is in Delighting our Customer - spurring mutual business growth.
Mission | Our Products | Customer Service Support | Vision Into the Future
To achieve in every job, the highest level of Customer Satisfaction possible. To achieve growth through Integrity, Perseverance and Diligence. To conduct ourselves Personally and Professionally, with an attitude of Respect, Gratitude and Willingness. To go the extra mile to achieve Greatness.
Our Products  
We offer a diverse array of innovative and quality products, ranging from Fiber Optics to LAN wiring systems. The extensive fiber optic and LAN passive interconnect solutions is suitable for Telecommunication, Data Communication and CATV market. All passive components are warranted to be free from defects in craftsmanship for a period of (20) years from date of manufacture and we're running our world leading warranty program 25years year.
Customer Service Support  
Our dedication to our customers goes far beyond providing consistently good quality products. We understand your ever changing needs and we ensure dedicated commitment to customer service, product development and fast response time. Our authorized distributors are knowledgeable cabling professionals. They are hand-pick by us to provide you with economical, prompt and efficient backup services.
Vision Into The Future  
We will invest heavily in technology and manufacturing capacity to support our quality product requirements for today, tomorrow and the future. With your support, we shall grow profitably together in pursuit of new product developments, new market expansion and new ventures.

ALANTEK Warranty Program - 25 years 

ALANTEK warrants its passive cabling products including jacks, patch panel, patch cords, information outlets, unshielded/shielded twisted pair cables, fiber optic cables to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 25 years following the effective date stated.

ALANTEK also warrants that each product from the list meet the prescribed mechanical and transmission specification for such product as in ISO/IEC 11801, ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B standard.

All warranties shall be subject to the installation, operation and maintenance practices and testing and environmental conditions described in the standard and in full compliance with all commercial building telecommunications standard.

Under the warranty program, ALANTEK COMMUNICATIONS, at its discretion, may either replace the defective product itself at its own cost or pay an authorised ALANTEK installer the appropriate and necessary cost to repair or replace such defective product.



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