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Products Categories

About Us

CCIT was found in 2011 to provide security system integration and information technology, offering specialized world-class network infrastructure solutions.

Our goal is to syn information technology (IT) and business cultures, reflecting how IT (technology) absorbed as a function of busines. We will deliver excellence in the provision of services and equipment to our customers’ information and communications technology requirements with cost effective, innovative and practical solutions.

We supply and design data center, server, computer, laptop, network device and solution, sound system, CCTV security camera, alarm security system, home smart, hotel lock, UPS in any big form factor.

Our customers include bank, logistic company, casino, garment sector, hotel, government institution/ NGO, hospitality, retail industry, and telecommunication companies.

Project Management

We have evolved in project, management consulting and offering from project support to fully manage project integration.

Commissioning and maintenance

We offers structured commissioning and maintenance support, working with your team to develop phased implementation plans as well as precautionary back-out and recovery plans.

Structure cabling and data center

We offer a high quality structured cabling service for offices and data centers, cooling system, including professional installation and on site testing, ensuring high speed, reliable connections.


Fiber optic

In addition to supplying fiber connectivity solutions, CCIT also can extend to providing the consulting, and advise the right solution.

Server Racks

We can supply a range of light weight, open racks as well as top specification data center racks in a variety of sizes.

Network Security, Routing and Switch

We can provide the integrated network router and switch capable of multiple functions to comply with our customer demand, including secure transmission of bandwidth intensive, data, video, voice, and network security solution.



We offer a wide range of professional UPS system design and manufacture in high level and standard one. Our UPS system support up to 8000kva for critical applications


Telephone system, call center and VoiP

We provide a leading range of telephone system, call center and VoiP for your office, and your branch office with the integration, delivered a scalable voice service.


Product Range: we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of products and the latest technologies that include:

  1. Security Alarm System
  2. CCTV Surveillance system
  3. Product Automation for home and office
  • Controlling electrical appliances: lighting, fan.., etc. through your smartphone or remote control
  • Dimming capabilities, pre-program turn on/off, time programming
  1. Fire Suppression FM200
  2. Access Control System
  • Door access, Finger print access, PIN access, i-Button access key
  • Lift accessing system
  • Hotel smart lock system
  • Time Attendance system
  1. Conference Systems
  • System consist of Delegate Unit, Delegate Unit with long microphone, chairman unit, chairman unit with long microphone, transport and storage suitcase, hand-held condenser microphone, floor stand, dynamic headphones, replacement ear pads, lightweight stereo headphone
  • Amplifiers and mixer
  • Digital mixer, Speakers
  • Digital signal processors
  • Wired and wireless microphone system
  • Power megaphone
  • Digital message repeaters









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